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DreamAi™ is a digital A.I powered platform increasing representation in digital media through multicultural storytelling and multilingual play-based education. Experience engaging and educational family friendly storybooks, audiobooks, music and videos/animations on our family of apps; DreamAi Kids, DreamAi Teens, and DreamAi Adult.

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Connect to your children and family through a shared cultural heritage, with timeless experiences.

For Educators

Educate globally with relevant local research and multicultural content.

For Storytellers

Instantaneous global distribution and monetization for storybooks, comics, audiobooks, animations and film.

For Sponsors

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Connect to a culturally aware audience at home, at school and on-the-go via the DreamAfrica Platform and Awards.

We seek to address the lack of global distribution and access for African and, in general, diverse digital content for children at home, in the classroom, and on the go. "An example of African solutions to African problems. It doesn't come better than this." - @TonyOElumelu

Discover More Stories for Children, Parents and Educators

DreamAfrica is the only interactive mobile platform for children that contains the largest ever-growing collection of African, Diaspora and multilingual children's content. With a monthly or annual subscription, families across the world have access to culturally relevant and local multicultural stories, books, videos, and music from contemporary African, Diaspora and emerging storytellers, anytime, anywhere. While embodying multiple cultures and heritage, curated by location, this collection of stories speaks to everyone, and we invite you and your family to start your story and DreamAfrica today.

Our engaging and education multimedia content puts local relevance and culture at the core allowing children to learn about them selves and see their reflections in the media they interact with. This develops a greater sense of emotional intelligence and empathy as they learn about other cultures. From languages to cultures to STEAM, parents and educators are using DreamAfrica to connect to their children and students at home and in the classroom, developing stronger bonds that making learning through storytelling and play fun, interactive and engaging. We are enabling play-based learning and storytelling at home, in school and on the go. Experience DreamAfrica though our DreamAfrica Kids (0-12 years), DreamAfrica Teen (12-18 years) and DreamAfrica Adult (18+ years) family of apps.

Global Revenue Share for Authors, Musicians, Animators and Film Makers

Join large publishers, independent content creators as well as children authors, illustrators, animators and film makers globally to create, share and monetize your storybooks, audiobooks, animations and films through our DreamAfrica marketplace for school, family and travel. We support a unique and competitive revenue share program for our content partners who maintain maximum control of their copyright while monetizing their creative assets digitally either exclusively on DreamAfrica on non-exclusively to compliment their existing revenue streams like print and toys. Inquire about our DreamAfrica Kids (0-12 years), DreamAfrica Teen (13 -18 years) and DreamAfrica Adult (18+ years) family of apps by contacting us.

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In an increasingly global community, DreamAfrica wants to share multilingual and multicultural stories with the world and keep the storytelling tradition alive. Whether you want your children to stay in touch with their cultural roots or want to expose your children to more culturally diverse content than what is readily available in public schools and mainstream entertainment, DreamAfrica seeks to be a common entertainment and educational platform in the household and classroom.

DreamAfrica and South African Airways, both proud co-sponsors of the forthcoming New York Africa Restaurant Week (NYARW), Oct. 2-16. See full list of events here: South African Airways, a Star Alliance Member, is the national carrier of South Africa and flies to over 35 destinations across Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Australia and North and South America. From its first flight in 1934, SAA has welcomed the world to South Africa by showing off the warm generous heart of its country.